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Electronic Medical Records

Multicare Associates physicians and staff are committed to putting patients first. Starting in late May 2010 our clinics will be transitioning to an electronic medical records system called Nextgen. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this transition period. It is our goal to provide you with high quality care in a timely fashion and we hope that with your help we can meet that goal.

NextGen electronic medical records system supports the electronic management of a patient's medical records and will replace the traditional paper chart used today. The system has numerous features that will streamline care processes, improve community wide health initiatives, and strengthen the patient provider relationship. The electronic chart will assist the provider in managing all aspects of your care, including prescriptions, preventative health, chronic disease management, lab results and imaging records. This will help ensure that your care is complete, error free, and available when you need it.

As a patient of Multicare Associates you will notice both immediate and future benefits of NextGen EMR.

Immediate Benefits:

  • New prescriptions and refills; NextGen allows your Multicare provider to communicate electronically with your pharmacy, increasing the accuracy and turnaround time when prescribing medications
  • Providers can access your medical information quickly from all clinic locations and the hospital allowing them to have all your information regardless of where you are being seen.
  • Up-to-date on the latest preventative health care recommendations, providers can see in glance if you are current with your health maintenance services such as immunizations and cancer screenings.

Future Benefits:

  • Online access to your medical record. Once we have completely transitioned all of your medical records to NextGen, a secure website will be created where patients can access their medical information, such as lab results, imaging reports, etc.
  • Complete integration of your records with other care providers. As other medical facilities implement an electronic system, Multicare can exchange information electronically with other physicians who are providing your care. This ensures that all physicians who are treating you have your most current health information.

Multicare's implementation of NextGen electronic medical records gives our physicians and staff the most advanced technology as a tool to help care for you and your family. As we implement this new tool we promise to continue our focus on delivering care that is of high quality, convenient and personal to you.